Packaging – Chasing The Circular Economy

Packaging – Chasing The Circular Economy

Varun Kapur, Yu Foodlabs

Ever thought of pouring wine or whisky from anything other than a glass bottle? Or squeezing your everyday detergent from a non-plastic container? Across Consumer Packaged Goods – be it foods, drinks, detergents, cosmetics, several companies across the world (and rightly so) are increasingly replacing conventional glass, plastic packaging with recyclable paper based packaging. Paper packaging as we all know is more environmentally friendly as it comes from renewable sources, as opposed to plastic and glass, which come from fossil resources. The process of recycling paper uses less energy compared to other materials. Also, paper being lighter, consumes lower energy during transportation compared to plastic and glass which are heavier.

Owing to the above attributes, several multi-nationals like Nestle, Unilever, Diageo, GSK are all increasingly committed towards reducing plastics and glass across categories, and using recyclable paper instead (PS – Simply love the Johnnie Walker 75cl paper bottle developed in partnership with Pilot Lite!). Innovations by several packaging companies globally are also allowing for such transformation. Pulpex, UK has developed technologies allowing it to produce a variety of plastic-free, single mould bottles that can be used across a range of consumer goods. Frugalpac, UK has developed innovative paper bottles for Cantina Goccia wines which have been widely accepted by consumers and are growing in popularity. As per their website, Cantina Goccia now intends to sell half their wines in Frugalpac bottles.

So next time you go for your routine trip to the grocery store or super market, keep your eyes wide open to notice brands using paper based packaging. Your contribution towards a circular and more sustainable economy starts here! Make yourself count… it all adds up!



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